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 What are Art ‘Centers’ for Artists with Disabilities

‘Art Centers’ are a huge and diverse bunch of programs.

One large group is made up of academic research centers which are part of a college or University and are primarily funded by Federal research dollars. The National Arts and Disability Center at UCLA would be an example of this group. Centers of this group are typically focused on advocacy and research and provide enormous support to artists with disabilities or more generally people with disabilities excluded from but wanting to experience the arts.

A second large group is made up of agencies/companies/troupes that provide arts-based supports to artists on a regular basis. This second group is diverse both in programming and funding; it includes agencies which focus on groups organized around a particular art genre (e.g. dance, theatre), disability (e.g. autism, deafness), or serve artists from all groups in a variety of genres.

On the Main Page, if you select “I need an arts program” in the left menu you’ll go to a directory. Select your state and find out if there’s a center near you. If there’s nothing in your state,  ‘search’ for ‘art centers.’ Click on the web address you find there to see each center’s web page.

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